My beautiful Rosi got engaged!

Rosi! My beautiful and loyal friend. She always puts others first. She gives and then gives some more! She is humble. She is hardworking. She is devout. And now she is engaged! So much joy and happiness! How can that even be captured?

Rosi doesn’t favor being in the spotlight, so a formal photo session is out of the question. “Snow,” she says, “photos in the snow!” I think it is very risky to bet on snow. It is already towards the end of February, fast approaching spring. Then, some weeks later, it miraculously starts snowing. A few urgent text messages and phone calls later, I grab my snow boots, my gear and my ugly grey oversized poncho and trudge through the snow to meet Rosi and her fiancé. Rosi is ready. Her fiancé is not! He is still clearing the driveway and then needs to shave, shower and change. I wait, fixated on the snowflakes. Are they going to remain flakes, or will they become too wet and turn into miserable, little raindrops? But the stars align and here is the result!

Rosie 2-20-19-5948.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6250.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6203.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6227.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6231.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6246.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6274.jpg
Rosie 2-20-19-6079.jpg

Congratulations dearest Rosi! I wish you boundless happiness. You deserve it!

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