SummerFest in Gaithersburg

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0788_.jpg

SummerFest in Gaithersburg is a beautiful lawn party for young and old and everybody in between. It takes place on the grounds of Bohrer Park at the end of June, an early celebration of Independence Day. From late afternoon through late in the night there is a non-stop offering of music and entertainment, games, contests, mini-parades and activities.

The festival invokes thoughts of the Great Gatsby in its elaborate festivities (minus the flapper dresses and boater hats).

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SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0593_-Edit.jpg

The band NATION provides truly amazing music throughout the afternoon and evening. People merrily sing and/or dance along.

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SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0701_.jpg
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There are food trucks and local breweries galore.

Gaithersburg is one of the most diverse cities in the country. Statistics prove it, and, beyond the numbers, Gaithersburg Park and Recreation events year-round show it. But nowhere does Gaithersburg’s amazing diversity show so much as at SummerFest. People of all backgrounds come together to celebrate, get along, and have fun together.

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0706_.jpg

To me, SummerFest encompasses some of the things I love about America—the things that Americans take for granted but are unique to Europeans like me. For one, Americans just know how to party in the great outdoors! And they know what to bring: picnic hampers, coolers, chairs, tables, blankets, games, balls, frisbees, bubbles and especially a positive attitude. They come to have fun and they DO have fun!

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The festival is a great place to make new friends by joining in a pick-up volleyball game or jumping into - literally and figuratively - the sack races.

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0566_.jpg

The little ones can have fun together at the Touch-a-Truck site with a firetruck and school bus.

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0442_.jpg

During the course of the afternoon and evening a marching band, occasionally accompanied by colorful characters, walks around and invites people to tag along, thus merrily forming an impromptu parade. It’s a happy sight.

It’s a very, very hot day and people are encouraged to cool off in the air-conditioned Activity Center. The two gyms are transformed into a magical play area for kids, with giant inflatables, organized games, arts and crafts and fun photo-op spots. The hall of the building offers the popular book giveaways, some games, and spaces to just hang out.

At some point during the evening, the mayor of Gaithersburg and several Gaithersburg and Montgomery County council members address the party-goers from the main stage and kick/throw large beach balls into the happy crowd.

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-0648_.jpg

Once dusk sets in, a special vibe is in the air and excitement starts to build. It’s almost time for the fireworks. This is a nerve-racking time for me. Photographing fireworks is tricky and I feel a lot of pressure. I spent a fair amount of time researching and preparing but I am not completely happy with my photos. My favorite is the “blue” photo with children in the middle. I think it has a dreamy quality but probably belongs more in an illustrated children’s book than a blog about SummerFest and its beautiful fireworks.

As soon as the fireworks are over, the marching band, followed by a colorful, glow-in-the-dark lineup of costumed characters, inflatable creatures, stilt walkers, jugglers and hula-hoopers, parades through the park and ends in front of the stage. It is time for the SummerGlo party. It is a tremendous event and therefore not surprising that so many people stay for the spectacle. Unfortunately, approaching thunderstorms put an early halt to the event.

SummerFest at Bohrer Park 6-29-19-1044_.jpg

PS:  I love photographing for Gaithersburg.  After the OktoberFest and the St. Patrick's Day Parade, this is my favorite event.  It’s a long, hot day but I would do it again in a second. My only regret: no time for a hot dog and a beer.  Luckily, I had (more than!) my share of both the next day, at a fun restaurant in the area in the company of my lovely family!

Sunrise, food and serenity in Maine

Summertime in DC, a time I always wish I was somewhere else!  Since I just started a new job I couldn't go back home to the Netherlands for a visit this summer.  I'm therefore very much looking forward to a short trip coming up soon to one of my favorite places:  Maine!  We've been making this trip the past three years to drop off our youngest at college near Portland and this will be her last year!  My husband is the planner and he is very good at that.  Ever since our honeymoon he keeps most of it a surprise and I have never been disappointed!  

Last year we went to Bar Harbor, a town surrounded by Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.  Everything about this trip was magical. We were staying in a place overlooking the Gulf of Maine and woke up to the most spectacular sunrises. Within a few minute timespan the view on the left, then on the right and then back to the left would be like this:

Usually, when we travel, we have a simple breakfast, some fruit for lunch and then feast in the evening.  My husband is the mastermind behind our dinner plans and finds us the most perfect little restaurants, shacks, diners and dives although I certainly have a say in that too (last photo in this series).

The ambiance at one restaurant in particular was spectacular.  Seafood being cooked in this shack, was brought up by runners (literally ) to the restaurant uphill or to the brave souls at the tables on the water's edge (it was somewhat cold!).  The food was mouthwatering good.  I had lobster of course!

It's all about seafood in Maine.  And  fishers start at a very young age!

I need peace and quiet at times.  Always have!  Growing up in the Netherlands I spent a lot of time on and by the water and so naturally I'm drawn to the serenity in Maine.  

I'll finish here with this final image that was actually not taken in Mount Desert Island but rather in Boothbay Harbor and is part of a series  "Fog in Boothbay Harbor".